About Us


Operation Restoration was created to provide a community where impoverished women and girls have access to the basic fundamentals they need to successfully reenter into society after incarceration. Operation Restoration will assist women upon release with the monumental task of restoring themselves through the fundamentals needed to transition back into society. Once the fundamental needs are met Operation Restoration will focus on helping women obtain a higher education in order to pursue careers in healthcare. This will also address the extreme shortage of healthcare workers that is present in Louisiana.

At Operation Restoration we believe that focusing on achieving successful reentry through the advancement of higher education will give women the confidence, faith and wherewithal to endure. Operation Restoration will help in eradicating the individual and structural barriers to higher education, while establishing economic security, long term stability, and civic participation for women who have criminal convictions (including those currently and formerly incarcerated) and their families. The OR will guide women seeking to reclaim their lives through higher education in healthcare, while promoting their leadership, self-advocacy, and long term success.