What We Do



Operation Restoration will provide academic counseling which will focus on helping formerly incarcerated women and girls with questions and provide guidance regarding their academic endeavors, application, admission and registration process. Operation Restoration will also catalog all pertinent educational documentation for the individual. Operation Restoration will also provide scholarships to assist with academic support that can assist in offsetting the costs associated with the obtaining a degree in higher education.

Operation Restoration will also assist formerly incarcerated women and girls with financial development this will allow for the women to make more informed financial decisions. Formerly incarcerated women and girls not only face institutional and social barriers but they also have a lack of accessibility to information that allows for better informed financial decisions. Through a partnership with Campus Federal Credit Union financial literacy will be provided to these women and girls.

Tutoring and mentoring will be provided for the women and girls once enrolled in an academic program. Operation Restoration will assist students with identifying the tutoring resources available their institutions of higher learning or identifying other resources to assist during their academic coursework.